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goes, so far, as lawrence said, it is nice and dry. so pretty quiet on roads except for that overnight roadwork. it's still going to slow you down if you are trying to cross the golden gate bridge. they have lane closures in the commute direction heading to san francisco. we'll have more "timesaver traffic" coming up. we begin with developing news. a fully booked hotel is evacuated because of hazardous materials inside. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec has the latest on the source of the problem. >> reporter: good morning. they have isolated it to a boiler here at the embassy suites. this is right by sfo. and you can see right now they are trying to deal with the situation after evacuating hundreds of people from this huge hotel. hundreds right in the middle of the night. they are trying to get people back into their rooms because they have ventilated the hotel.
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the problem appears to be over. but this all started about 12:30 this morning. firefighters were called here. they determined there was a high level of carbon monoxide. and that's when they started the evacuations. a hazmat team came in. the health department. that is when they isolated it to a malfunctioning boiler. they shut that boiler down and again started the ventilation process of this very large building. and now that they are trying to get everybody back in they are trying to first get people with flights to catch, obviously a huge inconvenience to be kicked out of your room in the middle of the night. so they are trying to figure this out. we did speak with one woman who was evacuated. >> had to get an alarm system at the hotel -- through the phones that there was an emergency that was going on that we needed to evacuate. so you just grab what you think of at the time when you're kind of asleep and head down the
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stairs. so my dog and i came on down. >> reporter: back out here live now at the embassy suites by the airport by sfo, this is on anza boulevard. things are returning to normal but it's going to be a process getting all these people back in their rooms. live in burlingame, anne makovec, cbs 5. this could be more snow this morning from the nor'easter that hit the atlantic coast. the winter storm moved ashore in the same location where superstorm sandy hit. there are new power outages in the region and up to 8" of snow in some places. teresa garcia has the story from rockaway beach, new york. >> reporter: high winds and heavy snow whipped the boardwalk in rockaway beach in queens, new york. that's where tom ford lives. he was told to evacuate his sandy-damaged home before the winter storm hit, but he is not budging. >> i got too much invested here. >> reporter: he says he will weather this storm like he did
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the last one with a little help. >> share some food, neighbors come back and get some heat, some fire. >> reporter: towns up and down the coast are scrambling to redirect resources from cleaning up to shoring up. belimar, new jersey, is rebuilding sand dunes on the beach and the pump clearing out floodwaters will keep running around the clock. >> we want to be aggressive about protecting our community. >> reporter: meteorologists say this snow is both a blessing and a curse. the snow is less likely to contribute to flooding. but it's more likely to take down tree limbs, which means more power outages. >> it's great, watching tv. >> reporter: joe and his family have been without power for 10 days. they got it back yesterday, only to lose it a few hours later when the snow started falling. >> i had a sense, i go we're going to lose power. i just had that feeling. >> reporter: for the millions already living without power, the thought of even more nights
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in the dark is tough. >> it's exhausting. >> reporter: an army of power workers is already in the northeast because of sandy. officials say they are working around the clock. teresa garcia, cbs news, rockaway beach, new york. >> the nor'easter has canceled hundreds of flights including dozens to and from sfo. be sure to call your airline if you have a flight to the east coast today. cbs 5 is partnering with the red cross to help victims of hurricane sandy. you can donate this morning during our special telethon from 6 a.m. 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. to answer your calls. >> we need your help. some have lost homes, loved ones, no heat, no light. >> especially having to deal with this new storm. >> that's unbelievable. they get their power knocked out from the first storm and
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then get it restored and then snow. it's tough on the eastern seaboard. cold front overnight, so far dry but that will change. our hi-def doppler looking for rain can't find any just yet. but i think that will change as we head throughout the day today. we'll see some cold air on the back side of the front roll into the bay area. you can see some of that moisture up towards northern california right here just about to work its way slowly down to the south. as that moves in i think the chances of rain will increase especially toward the middle and later part of the day. temperatures chilly in spots right now. 48 in santa rosa, 48 napa, 54 san jose, 53 san francisco. i think as we look toward the afternoon today, yesterday we had some highs in the 60s and the 70s. today how about this? boy, have we cooled down since the beginning of the week when we had some 80s. we're going to be struggling to get into the low 60s by this afternoon. >> thank you, lawrence.
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outside right now, things look good on 101. we sent our photographer towards the south bay. this is a live look at 101 at trimble. headlights, taillights, no matter which way you're going, northbound or southbound 101 it's an easy ride. bay bridge toll plaza, no metering lights, no major delays, no major roadwork all across the upper deck heading into s you will find roadwork on the golden gate bridge. only one lane open southbound 101. you can see though conditions are very quiet right now as you head towards doyle drive in san francisco. more roadwork this morning out in the east bay. this is a new spot. southbound 13 is closed southbound between broadway terrace and thorn hill drive in the oakland hills. the nimitz looks good. mass transit still on time, no delays. that's traffic. back to you guys.
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>> thank you. this morning, the san jose police bomb squad detonated a pipe bomb found in a car that officers had pulled over. the ordeal began on the city's north side just before 9:00 last night at north first and may trick boulevard. traffic it was blocked in the area for hours as investigators checked the suspicious device. driver is now in custody and the area is once again open to traffic. another arrest in the torching of a muni bus. the suspected vandals were caught in pictures and video setting the bus on fire after the giants won the world series. the post led to one arrest last week. yesterday police arrested 19- year-old nicholas hudson of daly city. he will face felony charges including vandalism and arson. police are still looking for more suspects. 4:37 now. some people who live in the oakland hills are now taking action after a rash of home burglaries and even some robberies there. those who attended a meeting last night don't want their faces shown on the air for fear
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of being targeted. many shared their firsthand accounts of being victimized. >> two men walked down my driveway into my garage and held a gun up at me. i began to scream. and they beat me repeatedly over the head with the gun. >> some are accusing mayor jean quan of not doing enough in response to the crimes. a few say they are even willing to put their own money towards hiring more police officers or building a substation in the oakland hills. city council member libby shaft says 120 new officers are expected to join the police department over the next year. two east palo alto women are in custody suspected of committing more than a dozen home burglaries in the bay area. 35-year-old anna and 33-year- old melinda were arrested last week in los altos. officers say they found stolen items and drugs in their car. police believe they are behind 15 residential burglaries since
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june in santa clara, san mateo and contra costa county. a possible recall effort against san francisco's sheriff. next week a group of women is expected to announce plans to remove ross mirkarimi from office. the group is encouraged by tuesday's defeat of one of the supervisors who voted to keep him in office. a vote on the recall could come next june. who will score a year's worth of free chicken sandwiches from chik-fil-a? for that, let's go to cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran, who is live at the fast-food restaurant in walnut creek. >> reporter: it's a packed parking lot at walnut creek's chik-fil-a. not of cars but tents. now, all of these peopler who hoping to be part of those free chicken sandwiches as you mentioned. this chik-fil-a here in walnut creek that's going to open in a few hours. and this crowd is hoping to be part of the first 100. when the new chik-fil-a opens the first 100 customers get a
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free meal every week for a year. >> chik-fil-a is where it's at. i love chik-fil-a. it's great and i get free chicken for a year! >> reporter: the catch is this group has to stay out at this walnut creek chik-fil-a for 24 hours. they are not allowed to leave. those left standing will win. it's not all fun and games. protests are planned for this morning like the ones we saw at san jose's chik-fil-a in august. the marriage equality groups as well as its supporters plan to hold a peaceful demonstration and the string of protests has started after the president of chik-fil-a spoke out against gay marriage. those protests back out live here will be 9:00 this morning. as you can see, a couple of people getting out of their tents this morning waking up because it's just i think about an hour and a half from now we'll see who is left standing.
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either way, whether it's free chicken sandwiches or protests, one thing is for sure, it will be busy here at the chik-fil-a in walnut creek. >> i don't know if i could eat fast food 52 times a year. >> it must be good. time now 4:41. another "fiscal cliff." what lawmakers in washington are saying about a possible tax deal. >> and commuters beware. extra cops will be on patrol. the bay area retail event prompting a warning from police. >> crashing, breaking, it was loud. >> not your typical window shopper. the damage after a deer got loose in a store. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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where others fail, droid powers through. introducing the new droid razr maxx hd by motorola. now more than ever droid does. lysol disinfectant spray. ben's mom uses it around the bathtub. it kills mold, and unlike clorox clean-up, it's approved to keep it from coming back for up to a week. share your lysol story, and see more, on facebook. this deer in pittsburgh pennsylvania decided to do e than just shop. he made his entry th here we go again. check this surveillance video. this deer in pittsburgh, pennsylvania, decided to do more than just a little
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shopping. he made his entry through a window in this floor store and destroyed the entire showroom. he made a mess of it. employees just look on helplessly. as much damage as this guy did, the deer appears to be unhurt and even avoided the police. it got out, stole a little shag carpeting and hit the highway. >> he wasn't able to get out. [ laughter ] >> can you imagine shopping for tile or something? >> what's up with this -- i mean, what's up? >> when deers attack! we have had a lot of deer stories lately. >> we had one in a gym. >> trying to get into the gym. >> and office building, a restaurant. >> that one just tore up the store. around the bay area, we have changes in our forecast as we have seen dry cold front move through. no rain just yet but that will likely change. hi-def doppler now looking for some raindrops. none just yet moving in but he think as we head throughout the day especially the middle of the day onward, i think there's a better chance of some rainfall. so we'll keep watching for that. out the door it's breezy, cool
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and dry. temperatures mainly in the 50s, although we're seeing some 40s in the north bay valleys. by the afternoon showers becoming more likely even the possibility of an isolated thunderstorm and those temperatures going to be very cool. 50s, maybe some low 60s for highs toward the latter part of the day. there goes your cold front sliding through the bay area. now we're looking for the core of this low to work down in toward california. so as the low moves in chance of rain in the latter part of the day. it's cold enough we could see snow in the mountain peaks especially tonight and tomorrow. carry the umbrella. you may not need it this morning. but in the afternoon things pick up. let's see if we can time things out with our futurecast model see a few clouds rolling three and a better chance of rain toward the middle of the day onward. a good band begins to make its way down along the peninsula into parts of the east bay and then more scattered showers on and off through tonight and tomorrow, as well. a chance of more showers on the way keeping things unsettled into friday. look at these highs.
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remember a couple of days ago we had record-breaking temperatures in the 80s in many spots? even at the coast? well, only 50s, low 60s for highs today and even cooler than that in the mountains. next couple of days unsettled, cool, possibly wet at times. then into saturday morning a leftover shower drying out by the afternoon. looks like it will be a little warm near sunday and monday then maybe more rain next tuesday. so boy, have we shifted gears, elizabeth. >> more raindrops on friday now, too. look at that! rainy season is here. fortunately we're dealing with dry weather. so it means a dry commute and we have not seen any big problems on the roads. so here's a live look at the san mateo bridge. 14 minutes towards the peninsula. we are still seeing some areas of overnight roadwork. this is a new one in the oakland hills southbound highway 13 closed shut down between broadway terrace and thornhill drive. scheduled to wrap up by about 5:00 this morning. so let you know as soon as it
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does. in the meantime we have this ramp closure off the san mateo bridge westbound 92 to northbound 101. again, also scheduled to open here pretty quickly but we'll let you know as soon as they reopen that connector ramp. in the meantime outside, conditions are nice in silicon valley westbound 237 leaving milpitas. heading towards san jose. you will notice that drive time is in the green in the clear showing top speeds. golden gate bridge traffic is obviously super light at this time of the morning. you will find some roadwork lanes blocked across the span in that southbound commute direction. otherwise, pretty quiet northbound 101 through san rafael. that is traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. well, the california man blamed for sparking a wave of violent protests in the middle east will spend a year in prison. he was sent to jail stemming from bank fraud depiction. he depicted mohammed appears a fraud, pedophile and womanizer. dozens were killed in the
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protests in countries such as egypt and yemen. the san joaquin county sheriff wants the fbi to take over the search for remains in the "speed freak" killer case. sheriff steve moore says the fbi can better handle the recovery effort. this comes after the mother of one victim says her daughter's remains were mixed with the remains of at least two other people. the man who shot arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords and killed six others is set to be sentenced today. gerald lee loughner pleaded guilty in august to 19 counts to avoid the death penalty. giffords was among 13 people wounded last year when loughner opened fire during an event for constituents outside a tucson supermarket. giffords has since stepped down from her house seat while she continues rehab. director of the massachusetts pharmacy board is fired for ignoring complaints about a company that was later
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linked to that meningitis outbreak. james cough he didn't act regarding a company that was shipping drugs in bulk in violation of policy. they have been linked to 400 meningitis cases including 31 deaths. the election is over but the fight to avoid a "fiscal cliff" has now begun. if democrats and republicans in the lame duck congress don't reach a budget deal by year's end, bush-era tax cuts will expire and deep across the board spending cuts will kick in. some economists warn that could return the nation to recession. for now, party leaders on capitol hill seem willing to compromise. >> we're willing to accept new revenue under the right conditions. what matters is where the revenue increase comes from and what type of reform comes with it. >> it's better to dance than to fight. it's better to work together. >> on election night president
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obama was on the phone with the four top leaders of the house and the senate. and traders are worried about possible tax increases and spending cuts if there's no congressional action concerning the impending "fiscal cliff." and the fiscal crisis in europe is dragging the market down. yesterday, the dow had its worst day of the year, blue chips falling 312. wall street opening flat today. some californians will get some money back for public schools. prop 30 reduces the risk of more budget cuts for the california state university system a midyear fee hike will be canceled. many students may get a refund on the previous hike of some $249. prop 30 won't solve all the state's problems, though. >> we have to make sure over the next few years that we pay our bills, we invest in the right programs, but we don't go on any spending binges like we
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did in the days where you had the dot-com boom. >> prop 30 will also bring about $210 million in funding for community colleges. it will show up in sales taxes and people who make more than $250,000. you can find election results in the bay area and beyond at if you want to travel around the holidays, you should start making your reservations soon. the number of airline tickets sold for christmas and new year's is already up more than 50% from a year ago. that high demand means prices for airfare and hotel rooms at peak holiday periods are up sharply. thanksgiving is expected to be busier than last year for travel. big opening today just in time for the holiday season. good timing there. the bay area's newest and its biggest outlet mall opened along interstate 580 in
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livermore. finishing touches on the 543,000-square-foot paragon mall were being added yesterday. it will have 130 outlet stores offering deals up to 70% off including prada, barney's banana republic, michelle. employees say construction has come a long way. >> believe it or not, two weeks ago, the place still really looked like a construction site. it was a hard hat zone. there was raw concret and dirt everywhere. >> traffic enforcement will be out today for the large crowd expected along busy interstate 580. >> it is the shopping season. so hey. >> there's a banana republic so i know where you're going. 4:52. she won't be house majority leader but there is good news for most most. >> and why one family is going to great lengths to keep a cat. >> can you spot what's wrong with this mississippi road
4:53 am
sign? we'll be right back. the red cross to help the victims of hurricane sandy. you can donate this morning du from . cbs 5 is partnering with the red cross to help the victims of hurricane sandy. you can donate this morning during our special telethon from 6 a.m. until 7 p.m. a number of local celebrities will be on hand to answer all of your calls. so call in and donate. we'll be right back.
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high-def doppler radar picking up rain in far northern california just off the coast paying a visit to the bay area a little later on. we'll talk about that coming up. >> checking some of our time- saver traffic cameras across the bay area, looks like they opened a couple of more lanes
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across the golden gate bridge. we just saw the lane trucks drive past. san mateo bridge problem-free. much more traffic and the commute coming up. the mississippi department of transportation has a big mistake on their hands. something is just not quite right with the turn sign here. notice the backwards n there? they say a contractor had the template backwards when the signs were sprayed this week. they plan to fix the sign when the asphalt dries but it's getting a lot of looky-loos today. >> no kidding. still gets the point across. a canadian family is running into trouble over their african pet. meet jagger a wildcat born in british columbia. it's been part of the family for about eight months. but city officials where the family lives say the cat is not allowed to stay. >> really needs to have assurances that any animal brought into the province are not a concern in terms of
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public safety. >> yeah, probably my wife would move immediately with him. and then we would have to figure out what we're going to do with the family and the house and everything. so -- >> okay. well, the owners say if they are forced to give up the cat they will move. jagger is declawed, neutered and part of the family. city officials haven't made a final decision yet on jagger. so beautiful, beautiful cat. >> wild animal, know. dozens of chicken lovers camping out overnight for the opening of a restaurant in the east bay. it's drawing supporters and protestors. >> plus pushed to the limits. the northeast is slammed with a one-two punch. how residents are dealing with another wicked storm. >> evacuated from a hotel in the middle of the night. a carbon monoxide scare. we're live on the scene with a report next. captions by: caption colorado ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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